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Get ahead with flexible lettings

The world has changed, and so has renting. The traditional, twelve-month tenancy just doesn’t work for everyone anymore. 

From four-week work placements to six-month student semesters, we’re seeing huge demand for more flexible letting but hardly anyone catering to it.

Using a mix of short, medium, and longer-term lets we’ll build a rental strategy tailored just to your property. Book a call to find out more.

Our Strategy

Earn up to 30% more with a combination of holiday-lets during peak season and corporate or long-lets during other times of the year. Our strategy can be tailored to suit your own property and needs.

Additional Property Services

The below services are not essential and are typically only required for long lets. We can provide them upon request. 

Energy Performance Certificate


Gas Safety Certificate


Portable Appliance Testing


£102.00 - £192.00

Inventory Check-in

£90.00 - £156.00

Inventory Checkout

Tenancy Agreement Preparation



£160.00 - £423.00

"Amazing opportunities"

"Impressive strategy"

"Making more of my home"

Houst for me is all about new opportunities to maximise returns and get good value from my property with no hassle.

COVID impacted my earnings but Houst suggested 'medium term lets' which I hadn't considered before. We got a 4 month booking in to January, which is a massive relief!

With Houst I can make extra money with the peace of mind that my home is in good hands so I’m not hassled while I’m away.

Jane, London

Ben, London

Thiago, London

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