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Houst are now managing Hostmaker’s UK accounts

As you may be aware, Hostmaker’s UK business has been placed into administration. It has consequently ceased trading with immediate effect. Houst have stepped in to deliver service on the same terms previously provided by Hostmaker.
We understand this news may come as a shock, and we’re sure you have some questions. Our absolute focus is on seamlessly transferring service, and ensuring that you’re earning again as soon as possible. We know how important this is.
We've put this page together to help answer some initial questions. For further information please email us on or call +44 203 885 1073.

My bookings

Will I be paid for previous bookings?

Flying Jamon Ltd (Hostmaker’s UK business) has gone into administration due to its inability to pay its creditors. If you are owed money, we have been informed that RSM UK, the appointed administrators, will write to you in due course with information on how to submit a claim.

As we are not connected with Flying Jamon Ltd, we are unable to answer any queries about outstanding revenues. RSM UK can be reached on 020 3201 8000 and

What happens to my future Airbnb bookings?

Your existing bookings remain in place and will be managed by Houst. In order to take future bookings, please review your availability on your Hostmaker dashboard. Houst will process payments for bookings beginning after the 28th February.

What about future non-Airbnb bookings?

The situation with non-Airbnb bookings is different as guests from these platforms paid Hostmaker directly. Because Hostmaker has ceased trading, there is a high risk of you not being paid for these bookings. We may need to cancel the bookings in order to protect your interests. You can now reopen your calendar and we will source bookings for which you will be paid.

What about long-lets?

Rents are being collected as normal and you will receive monthly payouts in the usual manner. There is a chance of a small delay to some of these payments whilst we switch over bank accounts and complete reconciliation, but service will quickly resume.

I have a long term tenant in my property that I have not received payment for. What should I do?

We highly recommend not taking any action at this point. We are currently speaking to the booking platforms on your behalf to find a solution. We are also reviewing Hostmaker UK’s financial setup to understand which stays are impacted. We will contact all hosts who are impacted by this with a recommended way forward by Friday March 6th.

Why do I still need to login to my Hostmaker dashboard?

In order to get you earning again as soon as possible, the Hostmaker dashboard has been kept available for you to use. Please use it to amend the availability on your calendar. We will be moving hosts to the Houst platform over the coming weeks.

My property

My property

What about the guests in my property?

If you currently have guests in your property, Houst are responsible for managing the booking. Our Guest Experience Team has managed over 250,000 bookings and respond to 90% of guest messages within half-an-hour. We will be contacting guests to explain any changes and will organise for a high-quality clean to take place at the end of your current booking.

Are my keys secure?

Yes. The keys currently located at Hostmaker’s former office are in the process of being securely transferred to Houst’s office (14 St. John’s Square, Farringdon) where they will be kept locked in a keysafe.

About Houst

Who are Houst?

Founded in 2015, Houst manage over 4,000 properties across 20 cities and 11 countries worldwide. We’ve successfully managed over 250,000 bookings and have made our hosts a combined £120 million in revenue.

Why are Houst involved?

Due to financial issues, Hostmaker’s UK business entered administration on the 28th February and ceased trading. The administrators in charge of winding down the Hostmaker UK business are RSM UK. For any outstanding revenues owed prior to 28th February, please contact RSM UK on 020 3201 8000 and

As part of the liquidation process, Houst have stepped in to make sure your property is looked after under the same agreement you had with Hostmaker. Our priority is to get you earning again as soon as possible.

Will Houst start servicing my property immediately?

Yes. We have the teams and technology in place to start managing bookings at your property immediately. In order to take future bookings, please review your availability on your Hostmaker dashboard.

What does the Houst service include? 

The main elements of our service include:

  • A dedicated Account Manager for every host
  • Professional housekeeping and linen delivery
  • 24/7 guest communication - we respond to 90%
    of messages in less than half-an-hour
  • Access solution and managed check-ins
  • Pro-active listing management and pricing optimisation
  • An in-house longer lettings team

Could this happen to me again?

No. Houst has a fundamentally different business model. Hostmaker was heavily reliant on outside investment to operate. Houst is a sustainable business with an emphasis on viable growth. We are not reliant on outside investment to operate.

Will my fees change?

Your management fee will remain the same as previously.

How do I contact Houst?

You can email us on or call +44 203 885 1073. 

We will shortly provide you with a dedicated Account Manager, who will have their own contact details.

Our services

Listing management

24/7 Guest Support Team

Hosting experts

A dedicated Account Manager for every host and an in-house longer lettings team to make the most out of your home.

Pro-active listing management and pricing optimisation, including professional housekeeping, linen delivery and maintenance.

Our Guest Support Team responds to 90% of messages in less than 30 minutes, provides access solutions and manages check-ins.

What happens now?

Your account is live with Houst, and we’re ready to manage your property and bookings as normal. Please update your availability on your Hostmaker dashboard.

We’ll be reaching out to you over the next few days to introduce ourselves properly.

For questions about your property and your listing, please contact Houst on, or call on +44 203 885 1073.

For questions regarding Hostmaker’s administration and outstanding revenue please contact RSM UK on 020 3201 8000 and





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